Nathalie du Pasquier @ Camden Arts Centre, London

When I read in Harper´s Bazaar about the upcoming Nathalie du Pasquier exhibition Other Rooms, I decided to go and have a look at it, simply because I´ve never been to a Pop Art exhibition of any kind and I really wanted to see what it looks like.

The exhibition is still on until 14th January at the Camden Arts Centre in London. To my own astonishment, the entry was completely free as well, so there´s no excuse to not go and have a look at it.

Personally, I think that I liked the geometrical aspect of the whole exhibition most. The fact that you enter the gallery which is separated into different rooms again, reminded me of the Russian doll principle which made the whole construction of the exhibition even more interesting for me.

As a conclusion, I´d say if ever you are interested in Pop Art, architecture or simple want to see something different and new, this is definitely the exhibition for you!


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  1. Such pretty art!! Never been to Camden Arts but now I'm curious :)



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