(Top 5) Foundation on a budget

Today I wanted to show you the 5 best foundations from the highstreet that I have found so far, as I think that it can be quite hard to make the difference between a good one and the others due to a large offer on the market.

Lets begin withe the Essence Make-Up to Match foundation with I personally have bought in 20 Light Medium. You can get this liquid foundation for under 4€, which makes it the most affortable of the presented ones. It promises to adapt to all skin tones and to give a light coverage, yet make your skin look radiant and flawless, and to be long-lasting. Of course, I can't say if it really adapts to all skin tones, but I do can say that for me this shade was perfect in winter aswell as in summer, which no other foundation has yet achieved. I also find it to make my skin look fresh and radiant, just as it promises, making it for me a very nice everyday foundation (especially, considering the price point).

Secondly, I'd like to talk about the Catrice All Matt plus liquid foundation, available for 6,45€ (at dm). As you can tell by the packaging already, this one was well-loved, especially during the winter, as the shade 015 Vanilla Beige matched perfectly with my paler skin tone. Yet, I wouldn't recommend you this foundation if you're searching for a really matte foundation, as it gives you more of a satin finish than a real matte one (so the name is quite unfitting in my opinion). In my opinion, it has a medium coverage and lasts quite well. Nevertheless, you'll need some powder to fix it.

Thirdly is the Covergirl Nature Luxe liquid foundation which you can get for around 9€. It promises a 'flawless, luxurious coverage with a barely there feel', which I can only approve to. So if you're searching for a medium coverage foundation that doesn't make you look cake-y or feels heavy on your skin, you should definitely look into this one.

Lets jump to an all-time favorite of mine : the Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Foundation. I got my first bottle in a gift box at the Germany's Next Topmodel Finale a year ago, but have bought (and finished) since then 2 more bottles of it. Not only do I really like the bottle it comes in, but I do actually find it to give me the perfect coverage on an everyday basis, yet without making me feel like I wear any make-up. Goals? Definitely, especially for under 10€!

Last, but definitely not least, is the L'Oréal Infaillible 24h Foundation which promises a fresh-looking, high-coverage and natural looking skin for a whole day. I'll have to admit that I haven't tried to wear it for 24h, but I have already worn it for a whole day and nightout, and it stayed on until I washed it off. I am also really impressed with the fact that it doesn't transfer at all, and look really really skin-like even though it's quite high-coverage. Big thumbs up for this little babe!


zara haul pt.2 - flowers and shoes

The second part of this haul is from Zara only and ( as the title of this post already suggests ) shows my current obsession with flower prints ( and I hope that I'm not the only one who has fallen this hard for this trend ).

ZARA - shoes - 9,95€ (left) / 19,99€ (right) / 19,99€ (bottom)

As we had a little 'head wave' in Luxembourg, I needed open shoes so badly that I immediately bought 3 pairs. The flat, brown and grey sandals ( left ) go with everything, look nice on, are quite comfy and were sooo inexpensive that I simply couldn't resist. The next pair were the silver and black mules that I fell for as soon as I saw them, as they are unlike every other shoes that I own. My absolute favorites nevertheless were the burnt red mules. I love not only the colour of them but also the fit and the small heel. They are really flattering, comfy and give you a huge variety of outfit possibilities.

ZARA - jeans - 39,95€ (each)

Let's do jeans next! I searched for such a long time for a good pair of jeans that doesn't look like your usual jeans, and when I saw the beautiful embroidery on these two, I felt like in heaven. They are both extremely comfortable and fit perfectly. But pay attention to the sizing while purchasing, as it really depends of each pair of jeans!

ZARA - jacket - 29,99€

Can we talk about the perfection of this embroidery? I love how you could wear a simple, plain T-Shirt with some jeans and combine it with this jacket and you'd get a great outfit without even trying. The ruffles are on all the right places and the fact that the embroidery has so many different colours, gives you a huge combination choice.

ZARA - top - 19,99€

So here's much going on : an asymetrical cut, a bow on the shoulder, a checked pattern, ruffles and ( of course ) a flower print. Wow! I've never seen even something similar to this top which I quite like as a consequence. I have already worn it several times with some simple blue jeans, some sandals and  a little bag, and I absolutely loved it.

ZARA - top - 19,99€

Lastly, we have this black, off-the-shoulder blouse with some little sequin flowers across the chest. Somehow this top reminded me of the babydoll dresses that you can find everywhere right now ( Zara has a few of them aswell ). I also find the top to show off the collar bones in a very flattering way due to the big, block straps and the straight cut of the décolté.

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