(a little train of thought) 10 tips to my 15-year-old self

I think that everybody has this little rebellious episode in their life that they look back to and only think ' What on earth...? '. That little episode began for me by the time I turned 15.
Looking back at this time 5 years afterwards, I did a list some time ago of things I would've done differently or situations that have had a bigger impact on me. From there on, I put together 10 tips that I wish somebody would've given me back then.
  1. Don't trust everybody - Not everybody is only wishing you all the best and does what is best for you. Be realistic and try to see people how they really are instead of idealizing them.
  2. Rely on yourself - because at the end of the day, all you've got for sure, is yourself and you better get along with the person you're becoming. Listen to your gut ; honestly, it won't disappoint you.
  3. Pay attention who you're surrounding yourself with - You don't have to have hundreds of 'friends'. It's better to have a few honest persons that you can trust and that will have your back instead of surrounding yourself with a bunch of people who don't actually appreciate you for who you really are.
  4. Don't listen to them, you're fine just the way you are - Wear what you like, speak up and do what feels right for you. There will always be people who won't like you, but that doesn't mean that you have to listen to them and adjust your life to their opinion of you.
  5. Spend quality time with your family and close friends - You never know what will come next ; don't make yourself regret not having said how you really feel about a person or not having spend enough time with them ( even though you would've liked to ). Life can change in a second's time, and you never know, maybe someday it will be too late to speak up or act the way you would've wanted to.
  6. Your parents only want your best - Cliché, I know. But a good one! Trust them, they will always have your back, if you only let them. 
  7. Act like a 15-year-old - You'll have enough time to be an adult, but for now, why don't you simply act the way a 15-year-old should act?
  8. Everything will turn out to be perfectly fine - Don't stress, it'll be okay, I promise. Somehow, everything always falls into place. So even if it now seems to be the end of the world, it'll get better some day.
  9. You're stronger than you think - and don't let anybody tell you the contrary. 
  10. Never stop pursuing your dreams - Work for what you want. Do good things, and good things will always come back! Don't loose hope, it'll work out.
I can't say of myself that I'm a full-on adult right now. Like, I'm a 20-year-old that sometimes behaves like 10 and tries to get her life together. And you know what? That's perfectly fine. Yet, I'm pretty sure that I have learned alot about myself and my surrounding in those last few years, and that's kind of what triggered this whole post of. No further explanation, just a train of thought, a quick idea.

What are some tips that you would've given your 15-year-old self?


modern angel

After a long break of outfit posts, I really wanted to share with you the outfit that I wore on my graduation day. 
The outfit was based around this gorgeous, white Elizabetta Franchi dress that seemed to me the perfect choice between very classical and modern. The cream, almost white color was ideal for a daytime outfit in my opinion. The cut and the length of it seemed to be mostly appropriate for such an occasion. I also was quite impressed with how comfortable I felt in it, so I'm really pleased with my choice.

To match the dress, I chose to wear my Miu Miu peeptoe high heels. And yes, I really find them incredibly beautiful, but I'll have to admit that they are the most uncomfortable shoes I own, which is a pity considering the price of them. But hey, for such an occasion I can bear a few hours of pain, I guess.

I choose a silver-beige metallic clutch by Karen Millen that perfectly matched my dress aswell as the shoes. For jewellry, I kept it quite simple with some Swarowski earrings and ring ( click here for more details ) that I'm madly in love with ever since. I also went for a more natural makeup look to match in with the whole theme of this look that was supposed to be very light, soft and flowy.

dress - - - Elizabetta Franchi
shoes - - - Miu Miu
clutch - - - Karen Millen
earrings, ring - - - Swarowski



prom haul

As you probably have seen already on my Instagram, I recently graduated from Highschool. For that big event, I really wanted everything to be perfect, which is why I also bought a few new bits and pieces that I'd like to share with you today and that were essential for me on my prom.

Lets begin with the beauty items! First of all, I ready needed a new fixing spray and was recommended the MAKE UP FOREVER MIST&FIX SETTING SPRAY. You get 125ml for 24,95€ at Sephora, which was totally fine with me. Nevertheless, I can't really give a final opinion on the product yet, but I'll keep you updated via Instagram or Twitter. Next, I got the HOOLA ZERO TANLINES ALLOVER BODY BRONZER by BENEFIT. As my dress was very light and I didn't have the possibility to go to vacation or tan before the big night, I figured why not simply help a little out with a bronzer? Even though it cost me 33€, I really do think that it was a good 'investment'. Last but not least, I got the KAT VON D LOCK IT TRANSLUCENT POWDER to set my finished makeup. As I hadn't researched a whole lot before buying it, I first of all wanted to try it out in this miniature which costs 15,95€. 

Next, I want to show you my jewellry. I got my earrings aswell as the ring from Swarowski, who has a great Sale right now ( at least in Luxembourg ). 

The earrings usually are sold for 69€, but due to the Sale I got them for 41,40€. I was searching for a similar pair for quite some time. They remind me the classical pearl earrings from Dior, yet they have a little something special in the front which I personally really like. Also, you can simply exchange the pearl in the back and wear the earrings as simple studs.

As for the ring, I got it for 83,30€ instead of 119€. I have never seen a similar design in a ring and was intrigued by the way it looked on, so I really had to have it.

Have a nice day!



The second series I'd like to talk to you about is Reign. The series just concluded this month, so I thought it might be a good idea to give you some input about it if you ever wondered what it is/was about.

The series

The American show is classed as a historical fiction series based around the historical figure Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots and her life in the 16th century at French Court. Everybody who's a little interesed in History knows that the French Court was widely known for its intrigues, drama and gossip, which is really what awaits Mary when she first arrives at Court where she's supposed to wed the French Dauphin ( so king-to-be, if you want to call him that way ) Francis to whom she was promised since she was a little girl. Reign depicts then Mary's whole life from her return to French Court up to her death, showing all the difficulties and dilemmas she's confronted with from a very young age on and giving the public a good insight in what it could've been like to be a queen, a wife and a woman in the 16th century.
The show, consisting of 4 seasons with each between 18 and 22 episodes à more or less 45 min., was mainly received very well by the public and even won 2 awards.

The historical figure

The main protagonist of the show is Mary Stuart who ( as I already mentioned ) was Queen of Scotland from 1542 to 1567. Due to political and religious conflicts in her nation, she grew up in France near her bridegroom-to-be and Dauphin Francis. The young queen was often described as beautiful, funny and full of 'joie de vivre', yet quite stubborn and pious, which led to a lot of uproar from the moment she returned to protestant Scotland on. Her life was mainly marked by her rivalry with her cousin, the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I of England, as they both had the claim to the English throne by birthright. The whole conflict between the two also is a main plot theme from the 3rd season of Reign on, showing the different perspectives on the historically undeniable actions. After a failed attempt on Elizabeth, Mary was imprisoned for about two decades before being executed on order of the Virgin Queen.

Personal opinion

I watched Reign for the past few month and I fell for it from the first episode on. The cast perfectly matched my expectations. I was especially intrigued by the performances of Adelaide Kane, who played Mary Stuart and Megan Follows, known as Catherine de' Medici in the show. They both played their caracters masterfully in my opinion, which made the whole series very interesting and reliable, even though the royals of the 16th century weren't quite what I would normally feel most empathy for. I really enjoyed how Reign brings vividely figures to life that one normally only knows from History class, and shows the whole train of thought behind their actions which makes them even more reliable and their actions more comprehensible.
Of course, I can't write about the series without mentioning the beautiful clothes and costumes, aswell as the breathtaking settings. I often read online that people weren't very happy about the outfits as they aren't always historically fitting. Yet the cast has pointed out several times that the storyline aswell as the whole execution weren't meant to be a one-to-one reproduction of History, but moreso that the show was only based and inspired by it, and that they took some 'creative freedom' with their outfits, which for me, was more than okay.


I would definitely recommend to give this one a shot, as I'm pretty sure that it's a show that appeals to a large variety of people. No matter if you're into History or into fashion or even drama, Reign covers pretty much every aspect that you could search for in a series. I also think that even though the storyline isn't one-to-one the exact story of Mary Stuart, you definitely will learn a lot about society and the royal class from the 16th century, aswell as about historical figures such as Mary or Elizabeth.




my top 5 red lipsticks

Attractive. Seductive. Elegant.

Most people would use terms as these to describe what they connote with the color red and moreso, with red lipstick.  While most women would go for a red lip in the evening, there are also some who have made the red lipstick their personal trade mark, such as singer Taylor Swift.

In my opinion, every girl / woman should possess at least one good red lipstick that she can rely on for every event. Not only can it be the 'star' of your whole look, but it also makes you feel special, feminine, sensual yet elegant at the same time ( or that's at least how I feel most of the time when I wear red lipstick ). 

Nevertheless, I find that it can be quite hard to find a good one considering the infinite choice that the makeup market is offering. So I thought that it might be a good idea to show you my personal 5 favorite red lipsticks!

Chanel Rouge Allure - 102 Palpitante

As you can probably tell by the brand, this Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick is the most expensive out of the 5. Nevertheless, I find that the quality does live up to the high price point. I would describe this one as a classic, bloody red shade, as it personally reminds me of the lipsticks women used to wear in the 60s. And don't even get me started about the beautiful, classic Chanel packaging! The lipstick is very creamy, so you do have to pay attention when applying it. Due to the consistency, it also isn't the most long-lasting out of the 5, but if you don't mind touching up once or twice an evening, this is the one for you. 

MAC - Prepare for Pleasure

I got this one a while ago while staying on vacation in Paris. It had a special limited edition packaging around the actual lipstick, but I'm pretty sure that the color is in the standart sortiment aswell. This little jem wasn't a bargain aswell, but totally worth its money. I am a huge fan of the Cremesheen finish by MAC, as those lipsticks glide on so beautifully and ( as the name suggests already ) only have a slight sheen to them while giving you the full color intensity. 
Compared to the previous lipstick, I'd say that it's more long-lasting. Also, it's a little brighter even that the Chanel one, and reminds me of the classic Parisian red lip ( which can also be the case because I bought it in Paris, who knows ).

L'Oréal Caresse - 401 Rebel Red

Next on my list is this L'Oréal one, which is more on the affortable side. The lipstick also isn't as intense as the rest of the lipsticks on this list, which makes it the perfect everyday shade for me. It has a very glossy finish while making your lips look like you've just eaten a basket full of strawberries. Considering the finish, I am also quite impressed with the longlivety of it on the lips. Compared to the others it doesn't stay on for such a long time of course, but still, I don't have to retouch it every hour. Even if the glossy sheen is gone, my lips have a slight tint to them which I personally quite like. So if you're searching for a good everyday red lipstick that you can use quickly on-the-go, this is the one for you!

( top 3 swatches, from left to right )
Chanel Rouge Allure in 102 Palpitante - L'Oréal Caresse in 401 Rebel Red - MAC in Prepare for Pleasure
( bottom 2 swatches )
Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint in 94R Red Tulip ( top one ) - Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in 25 Orange Shot

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid - 25 Orange Shot

As the name already suggests this one is more on the orange-y red side. I have done a whole review ( click here to see ) on this liquid lipstick, which I'd recommend you look at if you're interested in knowing more about it. In this post you can also see how this one looks on my lips right away! 

Manhattan Colour Splash Liquid Lip Tint - 94R Red Tulip

Last but not least, I wanted to show you this liquid lip tint. Even though it's not really quite a lipstick, it still has all the benefits of a lipstick like color intensity and longlivety. Actually, this one stays on for the longest time even though it's the cheapest one. I also really enjoy applying it, as it has a slight cooling effect to it. You still have to be really careful when applying it, because it's practically impossible to correct afterwards ( which, as you can see, has it's pro's and con's ). 
I would describe this one as a vivid red with a slight orange undertone - perfect for hot and lazy summer days!




Recently, I had the opportunity to to shoot with Dare2Dare Photography. Until then, the only times I have been the focus of a camera lense was when I took photographs for my outfits posts, so this was a quite new experience for me. 

Dare2Dare Photography is the Instagram page of one of the most talented and fun people I know, so I was really thankful for the opportunity. We did shoot 3 different outfits and subjects in one day, and I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with you. I am really happy about the result, especially considering that it was the first time to shoot for me and that we disposed over a very basic equipment. So the picture above is probably my favorite out of them all, also because I love the play of light and shadow in it ( which we tried to experiment with and use as much as possible ).



clinique - eye cream battle

I figured out that it would be quite fun to talk all about eyes, or more specifically about eye creams. I only recently understood the importance of eye creams, as I always thought that they were only used for anti-aging purposes which I'm not really into at my age. But after consulting a doctor because I had really bad dry patches all around my eyes, I started using an eye cream each and every morning and evening to prevent dryness and it really helped me. So I thought it could be helpful to talk you throught these 2 eye creams that are both from Clinique and compare them for you. Therefor I have divided the comparison into 3 different categories that I'm focusing on for this review : price and packaging, promised effect, and final thoughts.

Price and Packaging

The Pep-Start Eye Cream is normally sold in a 15ml tube for around 25€. The All About Eyes Eye Cream however is around 10€ more expensive for the same amount of product.

Packaging-wise, the Pep-Start one is available in a tube with a small massage ball that is supposed to make the product glide on easier and increase blood circulation. The All About Eyes cream is in a classic pod where you have to dip your finger in to then apply the eye cream. 

- For me personally, the Pep-Start Eye Cream wins this category, because I'm more a fan of a quick application, and it's cheaper. Nevertheless, I think that this one is a very personal one, so everybody should think about what they personally like better. -

Promised effect

The Pep-Start Eye Cream promises to reduce dark circles and little fatigue and stress wrinkles, aswell as to make your makeup glide on more simple and even. It also is supposed to make you look more awake and fresh obviously, and to be the perfect companion for an on-the-go touch-up.

The All About Eyes Eye Cream on the other hand, promises to reduce puffiness, dark circles and little wrinkles, aswell as to make the eye-makeup stay on for a longer period of time.

- I don't struggle with really bad dark circles ; nevertheless, I don't get very much sleep these last couple of weeks so I really could see the effects over a longer period of time.In my opinion, the All About Eyes Cream did a better job at this one as I could actually see a difference before and after using it. - 

Final thoughts

I actually have to consent to all the good things that beauty and skincare lovers all around the planet say about the All About Eyes Cream, which for me is the winner. Don't get me wrong, I really like both of these and I'll continue using them both, but I do like the nourrishing effect and the fact that it visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness better on the All About Eyes Cream. 

What is your eye cream of choice?



castle on the hill

In addition to my previous post about a little roadtrip that we did last Sunday, I wanted to quickly share a few more pictures aswell as my Outfit details. 

As I knew that we'd go for a casual afternoon, searching for a good spot to watch the sunset, I went for a very laid-back look with my favorite Topshop Mom Jeans, a vintage blouse by Anne Weyburn and my well-loved Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers that you have seen way too often already. To top the look up, I wore a little necklace from Topshop and my Roberto Cavalli flower print bag. It was a very sunny day so I went for a pair of dark brown Hugo Boss sunglasses aswell. In the evening, when it got a little more chilly outside, I threw a simple grey knight cardigan that I got from Topshop a few years ago. Even though it's not the most special outfit I've every posted, I quite liked it. Comfortable and cute, that's the motto!

Blouse - - -  Anne Weyburn
Mom Jeans - - - Topshop
Cardigan - - - Topshop

Sneakers - - - Adidas Stan Smith
Bag - - - Roberto Cavalli

Necklace - - - Topshop
Sunglasses - - - Hugo Boss



on sundays, we're adventurous

Have you ever just sat in your car and drove around without a fix destination in mind? Stopped in the middle of nowhere and just appreciated for a moment the little things around you? Watched the sunset and enjoyed good music and deep talks with your friends?

If you haven't, you should try it and you'll be impressed at how amazing it feels to take a little break from everything, even if it's only on a little one-day-roadtrip. I had quite a nice afternoon yesterday (which you perhaps can see on the pictures) and I hope you enjoyed your Sunday, too, and had a great start into the new week!



13 Reasons Why

After finishing this series, the idea came to me that I'd like to start a new series on my blog, presenting you my favorite series and films. I sometimes find it quite hard to find a new series or film to watch, because people mostly talk about the same series/films over and over again. I thought that maybe this would help a few of you to discover something new, and so I will present you the new series 13 Reasons Why today.


13 Reasons Why is a book by Jay Asher which was first published in 2007. The book tells the story of Hannah Baker, a high school girl that commits suicide. Before taking her own life, she records 13 cassette tapes on which she gives all the reasons for her actions. The story is told from the high schooler Clay Jensen's perspective, who was not only a friend of Hannah's but also is desperately trying to understand what exactly happened that apparently left her with no other choice than to commit suicide, by listening to the tapes.


On 31st March of this year the long-awaited, eponymous series came out. The executive producers were singer and actress Selena Gomez and her mother, who both described the production of this specific series as an affair of the heart.
The first season has 13 episodes, each about 50 - 55 minutes long. Each episode is dealing with one of Hannah's tapes who form the center of the plot.
Until now, there is no official announcement on whether Netflix is counting on producing a second season or not, but as the first season is only out for about a week, we can assume that they eventually will speak out about this matter some time in the ( hopefully near ) future.


Even though I'm a huge fan of books and am reading quite a lot, I'll have to admit that I didn't know about this book before I heard Selena Gomez speak up about the series project. After watching the trailer, it was quite clear to me that I really had to watch the series as soon as it would come out. And so I watched the 13 episodes in about 5 days, and am now really hoping for a second season.

What I really loved about it was the fact that there was finally somebody who speaks up about the struggles and issues that many teenagers have to face on a daily basis. I don't want to spoiler, so I won't speak about the kind of issues that the series is thematizing. The cast of the production often pointed out how important it was to them to say the 'unromantizised truth' about teenage suicide and the issues that can lead to such a drastic reaction. In my opinion, they really did a good job at portraying the reality which isn't a very easy task.

Even though this is a more subjective opinion, I personally also quite liked that there was no really famous actor (or actress) playing a caracter, as this made the story even more authentical and somehow relatable in my opinion. It's quite hard for me to say that the actors 'played the caracters' because in my opinion, they were the caracters for the length of the series which is rare to find in such an extent.

The 2 main caracters were impersonated by Christian Minnette ( as Clay Jenson ), whom I haven't seen in any productions before this one ( even though he has been around for quite some time as it seems ), and Katherine Langford ( as Hannah Baker ), for whom this series was actually an acting premiere ( believe it or not ). They both did a great job and I look forward to see even more productions with them, and hopefully in a second season of 13 Reasons Why.


As you may have guessed after my long raving about the series, I would highly recommend you look into the series ( or the book ). Not only is it a really well-executed production, but it also thematizes very important issues that our society is dealing with. Issues which people have to take more serious and speak up about. Hopefully, this series will mark the beginning of a bigger concern for these problems, make people pay more attention to their surrounding and eventually, finding a solution or helping others who struggle with this kind of things.




march favourites

One of the posting series that I try to do regularly are my monthly favourites post to show all of my new, most loved makeup ( and other skincare, haircare, ... ) of the month. So it won't be a surprise for you that I also wanted to upgrade my favourites for March ( click here for my February favourites ).

In advance, I wanted to say that this month wasn't really a very experimental or crazy makeup month for me, as I have more rediscovered old products and used lighter ones on my face on an everyday basis. So hopefully, you still can get a little inspiration out of this!

I discovered this handcream through a classmate who recommended it to me. Until now, I always swore on my Neutrogena Handcreams, but this Handsan Hand & Nail Cream totally changed the game. Not only does it smell amazingly and makes your hands the softest thing in the whole world, but also it only costs under 1,50€. So if that's not perfection in one tube, then I don't know what is.

I have this Studio Fix Powder ( in NW25 ) by MAC for quite some time, and even though I really liked it in the beginning, I somehow forgot about it and only rediscovered it again this month. I really like the matte finish and the colour currently is a perfect match for my skin tone. The only problem that I have with it is the thick consistency on the skin, which I nevertheless can prevent using a good moisturizer and a fixing spray.

May I present you the old and well-known the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara by Mayebelline? I don't really think that I will have to elaborate further on it, but if you still don't know it ... what were you doing until now with your life? I love it on its own for an everyday look, and paired with other mascara(s) for a more dramatic eye makeup. The volume and length it gives your lashes is really worth the + - 10€, believe me!

I still can't get over the fact that this Catrice Candy Shock Multicolour Highlighter ( in C01 Vanilla Love ) was only part of a limited edition collection. I love the marble effect and 'barely-there-but-still-dewy-cute' effect ( nice description, huh? ) on the high points of my face. The highlighter also was really really affortable, like all the Catrice stuff, and sooo worth the money! I really hope that they come out with a similar highlighter some day ( if they still haven't ).

The p2 Perfect Eyes refresher has not only a really cooling effect under your eyes, but it can also serve as a decent highlighter, which I use it mostly for. If you know the brand p2, you know how affortable everything from them is, and this little treasure is no exception to that. So if you're searching a good liquid highlighter or a cooling product for under your eyes, you totally should look into this one.

Last but definitely not least, I really rediscovered my two Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoothers ( in 020 Apricot Cream (the lighter one) and 040 Coffee To Go (the darker one) ). Both of them only give you a slight sheen with a little hint of colour. Also, I quite enjoyed how these could be used as nourrishing lipbalms aswell, so thumbs up for that! 

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