(trend check) the ballerina look

I have been doing Ballet (and all kind of other dancing) for over 13 years now. So I was pretty excited when I scrolled trough Pinterest and discovered more and more Ballerina-inspired Outfits on my feed. So I thought of getting a new serie started, called Trend Check. And I wanted to begin with the 'Ballerina Look', that seems to be everywhere this spring/summer season.
all pictures from Pinterest
Ballerina Tutus, Ballerina Shoes, Ballerina Tops, Ballerina Everything! That seems to be the motto of this spring/summer season.

The ballet-inspired shoes have been around for quite some time already, and I find them to be really cute, but my personal highlight are the skirts (short or long) that one could see everywhere on the runway (and on the street).

So here are a few items that I quite liked (especially the skirt in 2) and thought that you'd like perhaps too. Enjoy!

pictures from ASOS
1 // 2 // 3

What do you think of this (more or less) new trend?

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