an hour in Paris

La ville de l'amour! Paris is not only one of the most loved cities in the world because of its Eiffel Tower, but also because of its beautiful architecture, history and the sort of charm that lies in the air. On our way to Quiberon ( there still will be a Post about it online in no time, I promise! ), we had the opportunity to make a little stop in the city of love which I used to shoot some pictures that I'd like to share with you guys in this post.

I think you can separate the photos into three categories : streets, balconies and house corners. Yepp, very exciting, I know. But I simply couldn't pass by all of the beautiful architecture without taking some snapshots to share, so please be tolerant.

What is your favorite spot / the place you always wanted to visit in Paris?


August Favorites

I think that I can objectively say that I have way more makeup than I could possibly use up in my entire life. Yet I am guilty of always using the same products over and over again, which is the main reason I don't want to bore you with monthly makeup favorites as you'd always see the same items each and every month. So I thought I'd show you only a few random bits and bobs that I loved during the month of August and that aren't necessarily only makeup items. Let's break it down!

These last couple of months, the Internet was hyping up everything skincare-related that had clay in it, so when I saw that L'Oréal has brought out a whole skincare line using natural clays, I obviously had to give it a go. And I wasn't disappointed! The Pure Clay Detox Wash really helped me with my breakouts this past month, which I am very grateful for. There will also come a whole Post online where I'll go into more details about my updated skincare routine, so I prefer not to ramble on for too long about this one already, but I still had to include it in my favorites. If you're having problematic skin right now ( breakouts, clogged pores, ... ), I personally can only recommend this one.

As I was travelling quite a lot this month and it was ( more or less ) good weather, I was searching a good deodorant that would help me especially throughout the hotter months of the year. I usually don't go for roller deodorant and I also have to admit that I never have used a Sanex deodorant before aswell, so this was more good luck than knowledge, but I decided to try it out and was really impressed. I use it once a day right after taking a shower and let it sink in before I put on cloths. Throughout the day I still prefer to go in with a spray deodorant, but I find this one to prevent me from having to use another deodorant as often as I used to. It doesn't have any particular fragrance to it as it's their classic Dermo Protector Deodorant which I personally prefer.

Next on our list is a longtime favorite of mine that I use and reuse especially during summer all the time. Of course I'm talking about the much-hyped Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray that is known for giving you that effortless, textured beachy waves that are so wanted during summertime. I am a very lazy person when it comes to my hair ( even though I have to say that I'm really trying to do more efforts ). Most of the time, I'll simply spray a little seasalt spray on after the shower and let my hair airdry ; that's about it. 

I mostly chose my Hugo Boss sunglasses this month for their effortless, simple design which allowed me to wear them with practically every single outfit.

I know that I'm quite late on this one, but I still am totally obsessed over brown-ish lipsticks. My favorite at the moment is the Maybelline ColorSensation Lipstick ( 630 Velvet Beige ). I find it to be the perfect darker nude shade and lipstick texture. Of course I have to reapply it during the day, as it isn't that longlasting ( due to its shiny formula ), but that doesn't bother me too much. It's really easy to apply quickly on the go and to throw on with any eye makeup look. My second lip favorite was the MAC Lipglass ( Lust ). Basically I love it for the same reasons as the lipsticks and it stays on even better than the lipstick. 

Last but not least, I've read Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré this month. And I know that I'm really late to that party but hey, better now than never. I like the humour of the book, the little anecdotes aswell as her advices. All in all, I would definitely say that it's a must-read for everybody who's interested in Fashion, Styling and Blogging.

What were your favorites this month?



I wanted to create a softer look that is more appropriate for the warmer months one last time before the automn knocks to our doors, so I came up with this warm, peachy look. Without further ado, let's break down how to achieve this look step by step. Enjoy!

1 - Buff in the foundation of your choice in with a Beauty Blender to get an even base. Don't forget to blend your foundation into your neck aswell.
what I used ... L'OREAL Infaillible 24h Foundation ( in 140 Beige Doré / Golden Beige )

2 -  Use a concealer to conceal all of your little imperfections. I recommend using a liquid concealer on all the high points of your face and under your eyes to highlight and brighten your overall complexion aswell.
what I used ... MANHATTAN 2in1 Concealer ( in 30 Warm Beige ) / MAYBELLINE Fit Me Concealer ( in 10 )

3 - Contour your face with a  liquid bronzer or a darker stick foundation ( as I mostly do ). To give your face even more dimension, you can go with a bronzer over the contoured parts of your face, which typically are for me my forehead, temples, cheekbones, jawline and nose.
what I used ... MAYBELLINE Fit Me Stick Foundation ( in 315 Soft Honey ) / BENEFIT Hoola Bronzer

4 - To set your base, you can either set your whole face with a translucent powder or you use some of it on the parts of your face that get most oily throughout the day. Personally, I like to use some powder under my eyes to set my undereye concealer, around my nose and my mouth, on my chin and finally on my forehead aswell.
what I used ... KATVOND Translucent Setting Powder

5 - This step is completely optional, but if you want to give your skin a slightly bronzed look, use another bronzer everywhere the sun would hit your face naturally.
what I used ... MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ( in Gold Deposit )

6 - Use a white eyepencil all over your lid and under your eyebrows as a base.
what I used ... NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil ( in 604 Milk )

7 - Go for a highly pigmented peach tone in the inner part of your eyes, in your inner eye corner and on the outter third of your lid. Let the middle part of your lid free from eyeshadow for the moment. Use the same shadow in your inner corners aswell as on your bottom lash line, and try to get a more or less point-y end. 
what I used ... INGLOT Freedom System AMC Eyeshadow ( in Matte 361 )

8 - Next off, use a light pinky-rose shadow in the middle of your lid. If needed, you can intensify the look by using a pigment on top.
what I used ... INGLOT Freedom System AMC Eyeshadow ( in Shine 29 ) / MAC Pigment ( in Naked )

9 - After blending the shadows and curling your lashes, go in with some black mascara on your top lashes. If needed, you can use some mascara on your bottom lashes aswell, but personally I chose to let my bottom lashes naturally.
what I used ... MAYBELLINE the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara

10 - At this point, you can fix your eyebrows with a transparent mascara or eyebrow gel. 
what I used ... ALVERDE Transparentes Augenbrauen- und Wimperngel

11 - Use a nude eyeliner on your bottom waterline to make your eyes appear even bigger.
what I used ... BASIC Kajalstift ( in 10 )

12 - Last but not least : lips. Go for a pinky-peach colour for your lips to match the eye makeup.
what I used ... MAC Lipstick ( in Sunny Seoul ) / CLINIQUE Chubby Stick ( in 04 Mega Melon )



(OOTD) 1 day in London

I quickly wanted to show you an outfit that I wore in London two weeks ago. The weather wasn't too great back then ( as you probably can imagine ), yet it wasn't too cold. So I decided to go for one of my favorite T-Shirts from Zara ( see here ) which I paired with another staple in my wardrobe : my Mom Jeans from Topshop. To make the whole look a little more interesting, I went for my Spaziomoda blockheels, which are really comfortable by the way, and my little Topshop bag. Nothing too special I guess, but I quite liked it actually and am pretty sure that it's a look everybody can recreate and feel comfortable in.

Hope you like it and have a nice day!

T-Shirt - - -  ZARA
Mom Jeans - - - TOPSHOP
Blockheels - - - SPAZIOMODA
Bag - - - TOPSHOP



my forever love - london

As you probably have seen if you follow me on Instagram and / or Twitter, I have been in London two weeks ago to visit my new appartment. Meanwhile, I also used the time to do some sightseeing (there's always something that you still haven't seen in London) and take some pictures. So, without further ado, here's a break down in pictures of my short London trip. Enjoy!


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